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Upcoming performances

This is where you can find my future concert dates for conducting, composition premieres, and singing. I'll include event/ticket links whenever possible.

April 29

Panoramic Voices: Homecoming

Juli Orlandini, conductor

I've sung with this community chorus for nearly 10 years and it's great fun. I was commissioned to write a choral piece for this concert, and so we'll be premiering "My Soul Is Awakened", which I wrote for SATB and piano.

Check out the event here

June 3 & 4

Inversion: Helios

Trevor F. Shaw, conductor

Inversion is one of the commissioning ensembles from around the country who helped composer Timothy Takach add a thrilling visual element to his gorgeous choral work about the solar system, with themes both mythological and scientific.

Check out the event here

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